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released December 13, 2014

All songs written by Science

Produced by Science and Kevin Antreassian

Recorded at Backroom Studios Rockaway, NJ

Engineer: Kevin Antressian
Assistant Engineer: Scot Moriarty / Ed Auletta
Mastered by Alan Douches
Album design: Len Longo
Additional artwork: Kaitie Grippo

Additional Vocals

Track 3: Frank Iero
Track 4: Adam Bird
Track 7: Papa Reese
Track 10: Meg Gillan

Additional Instrumentation

Violin: Tory Anne Daines
Track 1, 6, 10, 11

Horns: Linda Everswick / John Bernaducci / Rob Butkowski
Track 1, 3, 6, 10, 11

Thank you all.



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Track Name: Leia To My Solo
Same time then, every week
Don't tell anyone my hands shake like a symphony.
Lightning strikes igniting my heart
Then comes the hail, sends shivers up and out my teeth.

Pounding pumping inside my head.
No excuse for what can't be said.
And it's true, I'm too nervous to talk to you.
When I see her I catch a fever and she'd meet me there too.

Asteroid belt filling my soul
Collisions that send my eyes aimed anywhere but towards yours.
History is bound to repeat
But not if I tear the moon apart with only my eyes.

Pounding pumping through all my veins.
Never know just what that explains.
And it's true there's a light that shines from you.
Seems like all the time when she fills my mind
and she'd meet me there too.
Track Name: 20XX
I chose you for a reason
And now I need you first before anybody else
And I'm not gonna stop until I find you here.

In half the time it takes the others to.
In half the time, in half the time it takes.
I promise to find you, absorb you, destroy you
I will in half the time it takes the others to.

I got a man trapped inside my head,
he tells me what it takes to be true.
Wish I could put down this arm cannon,
You know I do, you know I do.
If there's a dark side prepare for the light side
And you know I will in half the time it takes the others to.

What it took to find you, the things i jumped to find you
Robotic brood, man made of wood.
Bombs and bubbles I take to see this through
And I throw them, and I blow them at you.

What it took to find you, the things i jumped to find you
Robotic brood, man made of wood.
Anticipation, your revelation, you know I would
You know I would.

What it took to find you.
Track Name: He's No Good To Me Dead
Baby let me show you how I feel.
There's so much inside I could reveal.
Come closer won't you look inside,
I've opened up the seal but it might close
if you won't see how I really feel.

Baby let me show you something real.
One heart pumps the blood made of steel.
The other one's got scars from every
soul I tried to steal but no, not yours.
It's not about the things I really feel.

I got it bad now, got it bad now and it's getting worse
Got it bad now and no one is to blame.
I'll go to bed now, it's night time, you better go to bed now before you make it worse
Go to bed now, there's nothing you can do.

Don't go! I need you here, don't go!
Am I going crazy? The weekend nights all over Jersey
Don't mean as much without you with me now.

I got it bad now, got it bad now and it's getting worse
Got it bad now and no one is to blame.
No one is to blame.
Track Name: Fire and Water
You're better for being this way
A burden so heavy that your knees shake.
And we're learning from time and space
Why we're supposed to be here, why we chose this place.

And we're so certain that we're meant to be here.
Spend my days in déjà vu thinking of the time's I'd spend with you
And we're better for being this way.

If I got the fire then you heat it.
When I die I'm comin back.
When there's nothing left to retreat to
that's when our souls attract.

Your famous last words, a tribute to yourself
"You made this bed, now sleep in it"

If I got the fire then you heat it
When I die you know I'm comin back
When there's nothing left to retreat to
now I know (I am gone)
Track Name: Learning The Hard Way
It happened way before I had even met you
in a dream I could have slept in forever.
The signs were on the floor but I couldn't put my head down.
You must have met a few guys, got caught up in their lies.
All the same, now it's changed in so many different ways.

I told you way before those taught logical romance
could laugh at my impatience, and then you say
"How could one be so sure?" I didn't consult a psychic
or anything like that, it was a sudden attack
you pulled the knife from my back but it wasn't yours.

And that's when I knew.
Track Name: Sons of Cenarius
Tonight my heart is pumping gold
and I don't feel so cold.
Two times things stopped from getting old
with your hands gripped tight on my thighs my lungs unfold.

The past is unimportant 'cause where I'm gonna take you now
the details aren't important anyhow.
Because of how I love you, you leave your essence on the ground.
I collect them in hiding in my closet safe and sound.

Don't make me beg, my heart beats in an irregular order.
Those jeans on your legs, can my patience get any shorter? NO!
A stowaway in my bed, take her down with the other prisoners.
Just wait, maybe, I can learn to love a cowboy's daughter.

Battles rage on frozen earth, drums are beating from the north.
The champion will rise amongst the falling of ten thousand Sons of Cenarius.
Track Name: Asteroids
Satellites and shooting stars, asteroids and meteors.
Like everything viewed from afar, you'll never tell just what they are.
But everything's gonna be fine.

Eventually this spinning rock has got to stop.
So I'm making plans for what's to come.
I feel a pull from you, which I rarely do.
So I said goodbye to the life I tried.

All random in the middle, it's gonna be a bloodbath.
If they don't crush my soul, when I die I'm gonna come back soon.

If you've never been changed I'm not here to entertain.
And if you've never been tamed, you'd know that I'm not here to entertain.
Do I look like I'm here to entertain? No.
Track Name: Life Science
Someone is going all the way,
he's moving far away and he won't turn around.
The universe will be,
and in the end we'll see if it works itself out.

"We're bonded by the molecules" she said.
"We're amazingly small if you think about it."

It seems that the possible it's probable but I won't settle now.
I'll just tell the truth. I'm really glad that you decided to stay around.

To think we matter all alone. To think we're matter.
We form a bond and no one breaks it.
It's tough of course, but I can take it.

You're lying to yourself with your guilty pleasures.
I'll go on a limb and break it.
If I'm the underdog I'll take it.

To think we matter all alone, to think we're matter.
Track Name: Artifacts
Maybe next time things won't have to be this way.
In the next life, my mistakes I will try and retain.
And one time, some time you'll get it right.

Who will you be in the next life.
I won't be me in the next life.

There was something, but nothing came and washed it away.
The dark side proved that I was easy prey.
It's crazy now baby, I'm not lonely anymore.
I kept your medal and now I wanna cast it away.
In a volcano or the Mariana Trench one day.
It's funny now honey, I don't need you anymore.
I'll see you, if I want to, in the next life.

Tell me what it took to find me.
Show me how you feel.
Tell me when our souls attract.
Am I testing your patience?
Have I been changed?
Is the possible probable?
Tell me you'll meet me there too.
(Wake up)
Track Name: Immortals Dance
What kind of creatures could live this way?
In a memorial ball, held for a soul that lives for infinity.
I could have slayed them, harvest what's left.
No one could have told me wielding such power
could leave you so alone out here.

This tower's got ramparts, libations to spare.
But none of my vassals need of these things,
the curse that I weave has me pulling the strings
and now the mortals all fear me. The immortals dance
around a great fire of personal things.
Once they held meaning, now I pull the strings around here.

Go on, tell the townsfolk. There's a witch in these woods.
Go on, tell the elves now. There's a lich in these woods.

Make them storm the castle, make them tell the king.
Make them beg and plea for assistance from the thing in these woods.
There's a witch in these woods.

Go on, tell the townsfolk. There's a witch in these woods.
Go on, tell the elves now. There's a lich in these woods.